Duo Terapia Magnetica Electromagnetic Transduction Slimming Machine

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Duo Terapia Magnetica Electromagnetic Transduction Slimming Machine

Magnetic Induction Intensity: 6T
Frequency: 0.01 Hz – 100 Hz
Pulse continuous time: ≥340us (±20us)
Magnetic Induction Intensity Maximum Charge Rate: ≥40 kTs – 80 kTs
Cooling system: Air Cooling
Package Size: 113 x 57 x 49cm
Voltage: AC 110V / 220V; 50 – 60 Hz


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According to the principle of Faraday electromagnetic induction, a large amount of energy is quickly discharged from large-capacity storage capacitors to the coil. The coil is stimulated by strong current to produce pulse magnetic field, it can penetrate clothing, bones and other tissues, generate inductive electric fields in stimulating parts, causing excitement/suppression activities of nerve cells, and then generate a series of physiological biochemical reactions. Magneto Therapy pulses a magnetic field into the body, creating an extraordinary healing effect. The results are less pain, reduction in swelling, and increased range of motion in the affected areas.

It can be divided into low-frequency TMS (1Hz) and high-frequency TMS (5Hz) according to different frequencies.

Different frequency TMS is different in regulating the sports cortex:

High-frequency TMS: Increase the excitement of the cortex;

Low-frequency TMS: decrease the excitement of the cortex.

Can be used to treat:

 – Muscle pathology (contracture, muscle tears, bruises and swelling).
 – Bone injuries, osteoarticular distractions and wear of the joints (shoulder, hips, knees, ankle joints).
 – Pathology of the elbow, wrist and arms (epicondylitis, tendinitis, carpal tunnel syndrome).
 – Thoracic vertebral pathology.
 – Inflammation and damage to the Achilles tendon and ligament.
 – Tendonitis in the shoulder joint area and chronic edema.

What is EMTT

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Weight 55 kg
Dimensions 56 × 53 × 116 cm

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