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Verna van Niekerk Portable Ozone Steam Sauna

My name is Verna I have been diagnosed with breast cancer stage 4 March 2020, I invested in the oxygen tent, either the Purpose to begin my own business, little did I know how I will benefit with my diagnoses, First 9 nine months I was informed by my oncologist I am not suitable for chemo, and was put on a hormone blocker, I however Start using the oxygen test on a daily basis, which reduced my cancer count from 2560 to a 100, I was then First to receive chemo, I kept using the tenet during chemo, today my cancer dropped to 209 count, I’m very optimistic that by the next appointment which is 9

Desiree Els Portable Ozone Steam Sauna

I want to start off by saying that I never write reviews or testimonials, but I feel that I have to write this one because it is truly an amazing machine. After many years of knowing something was wrong and no doctor could tell me what was wrong I was finally diagnosed in 2018 with Hashimoto’s (autoimmune disorder affecting the thyroid). I didn’t want to take any chemical medications. I have tried so many treatments, vitamins, herbal/natural medication and nothing worked, just wasting money. When it started the flares would be just 2-3 days and it wasn’t too bad. But then late 2020, I was at a point where my flares would last 5 days. It was 5 days of being so tired and being in a lot of pain. I was so depressed and anxiety set in almost daily because I didn’t know how I would be able to get through the day laying ahead (as you know with any thyroid issue you are always tired, it is just worse when you have a flare). In February 2021, I was sitting on the patio, it was a Saturday afternoon and I was in so much pain again. I just started crying. I told my husband that I just can’t take it anymore, it was then when we decided to give the portable steam sauna a try. I contacted them and they were very helpful with all my questions. I remember we started our sessions on the 9

Mandy Miles Hattingh

This is a must-have for every home. Invest in your family's health. Hierdie is n belegging: Ek is so gelukkig ek het my osoon behandelinge in die gerief van my eie huis.

Jaco van Staden Portable Ozone Steam Sauna

I purchased the Portable Ozone Steam Sauna almost 8 months ago during September 2018. I extensively use it after a session on a treadmill and afterward cool down in the swimming pool. I took the equipment with on vacation during December 2018 since using it becomes quite addictive. Although I eat what I like, the combination of sauna and treadmill resulted in a weight loss of approximately 18 kg over the period. My depression medication is also a thing in the past (4 months ago) and I deal much better with stress. I have not had flu since I started using the sauna and feel great in general as well as after each session.


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