10-in-1 HOCATT™ Plus

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10-in-1 HOCATT™ Plus

Included in package

  • Auxiliary Ozone Functions can also be used separately
  • 1 x Adjustable Seat
  • 1 x Adjustable Foot Rest
  • 1 x No1 Ozone Generator (for ozone sauna)
  • 1 x No2 Ozone Generator (for simultaneous auxiliary ozone functions)
  • 1 x FSM Foot Plate Set and 1 x FSM Electrode Set
  • 1 x Electric CO Regulator
  • 1 x Water Resistant Heart-Rate Monitor
  • 1 x Full-Colour Touch Screen Controller
  • 1 x Reusable Oxygen Cannula
  • 1 x Oxygen Humidifier
  • 4 x Flow Meters

Accessories and Consumables Included:

– 5 x Neck Capes
– 3 x Glass Funnels (for Cupping)
– 3 x Breast Cupping Set (S, M, and L)
– Bag of disposable vaginal catheters (50pcs)
– HOCATT™ Silicone Tube Set
– 3 x Water Dispensing Bottles

Technical Specs:

Voltage: 220 – 240VAC, 7A, 50Hz, 1000W
Power: 1500W
Weight: 110kg
Dimensions: 140 x 130 x 67cm
Heart Rate Monitor: Included

Medical Concentrator:

Voltage: 220 – 240VAC, 2.2A, 50Hz
Power: 480W
Dimensions: 6.4 x 12.7 x 30cm
Flow Rate: 1 – 5L/m


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When it comes to the HOCATT™ Plus Ozone Technology, we in the wellness industry have a saying: Built for Wellness. Backed by Science. This is more than a bold claim. It’s a statement of fact. The HOCATT™ Plus has 10 different technologies that were developed with a single purpose in mind – strategic wellness and vitality. It provides some of the top alternative health and beauty modalities in the world! That’s why the HOCATTTM Plus is one of the most widely used systems globally.

The ultimate wellness system that delivers results that matter.

The Medical Oxygen Concentrator Concentrates oxygen from the air in 93 – 97% pure oxygen. Feeds concentrated oxygen to the HOCATT’™s two ozone generators and also passes oxygen through the humidified oxygen breathing apparatus, so concentrated humidified oxygen may be inhaled during the HOCATT™ session.

Features of the 10-in-1 HOCATT™ Plus:

Transdermal Ozone When Ozone is introduced into the blood, it reacts with oxidizable substrates, killing viruses, bacteria and fungi, enhances blood circulation, and stimulates the Oxygen metabolism of the body.

Oxygen Respiration  Pure, humidified, oxygen runs through a special oxygen jet to the nose and mouth, boosting Oxygen saturation in the body during the HOCATTT™ session.

Micro Currents
Micro Currents is an FDA approved Technology that can be applied in a variety of treatment modalities, Micro currents can assist with a wide variety of conditions, including pain and aches, nervous system, mental and physical, well-being & more

Photon Color Light  This state-of-the-art digital lighting Technology {LEDs) generate a variety of coloured lights to which the body reacts. In the HOCATT two colour stars change randomly to display multicolour crossfades; from soothing and relaxing to balancing & energizing.

CO2 I Carbonic Acid. Carbonic Acid is better known for its potent vasodilation ability of the skin blood vessels, which stimulates circulation, and oxygenation of the skin. For this reason, this modality is popularly used in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery centers high-end spas, and beauty salons.

VI is recommended for endometriosis, ovarian cysts, and vaginal infection (yeast/fungal, bacterial, viral). Often these infections decrease fertility, so VI is highly recommended for those who are looking to get pregnant.

A limb is covered with an airtight bag and concentrated ozone is introduced to treat the wounds.

Using a glass funnel/set of breast cups focuses a high concentration of ozone over a specific problematic area.

Far Infrared is a low energy Technology where waves of light penetrate the human body, transforming into heat energy to gently elevate temperature and activate major pain, lower hypertension, soothe digestive issues, & much more.

Essential Oil Infusions and Aromatherapy  The Essential oils are infused with steam as it fill the chamber, making this a transdermal application used together and has many health benefits.

UV Irradiation is the preferred method for disinfection. This radiation acts on the epidermis and deeper layers of the skin, where it contributes to the production of protective agents, hormones and vitamins, in addition to its ability to kill bacteria.

At the start of the HOCATT™ session, CO2 is added to the mix with steam to make Carbonic Acid. This special acid is pretty cool because it can help our cells take in and deliver more oxygen without causing any yucky side effects. It’s like a superpower called the Bohr Effect!

You can make your HOCATT™ session even cooler by adding something called High-Intensity PEMFs (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Fields)*. It’s like having a superpower! The HOCATT™ PEMF model has these special coils inside the chamber walls that make it possible to connect a HUGO™ High-Intensity PEMF driver directly to the HOCATT™. It’s like giving your HOCATT™ a power boost!

Once the CO2 cycle is done, the Activated Oxygen cycle kicks in during the HOCATT™ session. It keeps going until the session is over. The activated oxygen mixes with the steam and creates Wellness products on your skin. Because of the CO2 pre-cycle, the activated oxygen cycle in the HOCATT™ is super powerful compared to other Wellness Saunas.

In the HOCATT™ chamber, a mesmerizing display of full spectrum color light envelops the surroundings. Two color stars gracefully transition through a myriad of hues in captivating multi-color crossfades. This innovative system harnesses the power of the entire color spectrum, offering a range of experiences from soothing and relaxing to balancing and energizing. The dynamic interplay of colors enhances the overall ambiance, contributing to the holistic and immersive wellness journey within the HOCATT™ chamber.

Special Micro-Currents may be selected to stimulate the body via the hands and/or feet. This feature can be used both during a HOCATT™ session and as a stand-alone.

The Benefits of The HOCATT™

Additional information

Weight 110 kg
Dimensions 140 × 67 × 130 cm

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