Horse Ozone Therapy: Blanket and Boot Combo

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Horse Ozone Therapy: Blanket and Boot Combo

Each horse blanket box can be personalised by your branding.


Silicone sheeting with bull denim waterproof material, Size: 2m x 1.2m Fitted with 2 straps with industrial buckles & 3m silicone feeding tube.

Blanket bag:

Fitted with industrial zips and embroidery.


Lockable Stainless steel with hydrolic wheels, ozonator built in with space for blanket and accessories. Robust for all terrains. 5m extention incl.  Size : 1.2m x 0.8m – Includes a inverter built in the trolley.


1g per hour, cooling system with moist filters, for all terrains. Customised runtime built in for protocols.


Includes 4 Boots made out of silicone sheeting with waterproof balistic nylon.


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Endurance, flat racing, and aiding in a reduction of heart rates and metabolic recoveries. Reducing lactic acid post-race is an excellent strategy for preventing acidosis. A South- African invention, was discovered whilst treating a foal with African Horse Sickness Virus in 2006. Your Ozone Blanket will COMPLETELY cover your horse, ensuring proper and effective Ozone Therapy.

All materials used on the Ozone Blanket carry a 10 year guarantee against ozone corrosion. We have blankets that have worked non-stop for 7 years and are still in use.  The Ozone Generator carries a 1 year manufactures Guarantee. A User Guide Manual and training are provided, ensuring a full understanding of the Ozone Blanket, and how to use it.

Promoting endurance and giving your winner the best chance

The Ozone Horse Blanket is fully adjustable and suits horses ranging from Pony to Percheron. Ozone therapy for horses is non-invasive (no needles or insertions), and used in both re-active (compromised horses) and pro-active (sports therapy for copeting horses). Both ambient and therapeutic ozone treatments are dosed. by the ozone horse blanket. Used extensively for endurance, flat racing and assisting in reduction of heart rates and metabolic recoveries. A ideal way to reduce acidosis, lactic acid post racing.

Ozone is incredibly potent, and the Ozone blanket allows for non-invasive application of Ozone in the stable yard, paddock, or bushveld (with an electrical generator) – no need to relocate sick or injured horses.


 – Pro-active sports therapy;
 – Lyme disease;
 – African horse sickness;
 – Sarcomas, muscle injury, cuts and bruises, tendon injuries;
 – Hematoma treatment;
 – Detox after reaction to de-wormer;
 – Successful treatment of head shaking syndome;
 – No need to move sick or injured horse

How to use:

 – Keep folded on packing folds when not in use to protect the inside pipes and blanket.
It comes oversized but can be adjusted down to 12-hand ponies.
 – Ensure that your blanket encapsulates your horse o provide a good ozone environment. Use the adjustable straps and velcro gates to fit your horse. Product is made from silicone and teflon to ensure durability.
 – After use allow to dry and fold back on the packing lines.
 – After fitment of the blanket, the horse will not experience any discomfort whilst the ozone is applied.

Veterinary Ozone Therapy Summit - Treating Horses with Ozone Therapy by Dr. Jean Joaquim


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