6-in-1 Slim Vacuum Cavitation RF Laser Beauty Machine

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6-in-1 Slim Vacuum Cavitation RF Laser Beauty Machine

The 6-in-1 Slim Vacuum Cavitation RF Laser Beauty Machine is a comprehensive beauty device designed for non-invasive body contouring, skin tightening, and cellulite reduction. This advanced system combines multiple technologies, including vacuum therapy, cavitation, radiofrequency, laser therapy, and bio-microcurrents. Vacuum cavitation breaks down fat cells, RF technology tightens the skin, and laser therapy aids in the natural metabolism of fat. Additionally, the bio microcurrents enhance rejuvenation, promoting collagen synthesis for improved skin elasticity. This all-in-one beauty machine offers a versatile and effective solution for achieving a sculpted and rejuvenated appearance.


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Benefits of Lipo Laser

It adopts the latest innovation in non-surgical, non-invasive laser lipolysis. Lipo laser emits low levels of laser energy which creates a chemical signal in the fat cells breaking down the stored triglycerides into free fatty acids, glycerol and water molecules. This is similar to the natural response initiated by the body when it needs to use its stored energy reserves. These free fatty acids is then transported throughout the body by the lymphatic system to supply the body with energy. Again just as the body would respond in times of caloric scarcity.

A period of exercise in post treatment would ensure the complete metabolism of these free fatty acids. Shrinking the fat cells and delivering the body shape result our patients are looking for. The laser treatment is a non-destructive methodology aimed at targeted fat reduction which means excess fat deposits can be treated anywhere on the body and the fat cells are not destroyed as a result of the treatment. Targeted fat reduction and circumferential reduction has many advantages over other body shaping technologies. Here are just a few!

Key Handles Explained:

  1. 40K Cavitation Handle: Emits strong sound waves impacting fat cells, leading to the effective consumption of calories and moisture, reducing the size of fat cells.

  2. Vacuum Bipolar RF Handle: Dissolves fat, enhances lymphatic drainage, firms skin, and improves elasticity through high-speed turbine negative pressure technology.

  3. Sextuple Body RF Handle: Utilizes advanced RF technology to reach deep-seated fat layers, generating friction heat, increasing local temperature, and removing excess fat and toxins.

  4. Laser Pads: Diode Lipo Laser breaks down triglycerides into free fatty acids and glycerol, releasing them for metabolism and energy creation.

  5. Bio Handle: Enhances rejuvenation through positive and negative micro-currents, activating energy release in skin cells, stimulating muscle tension, and preventing skin aging.

  6. Radio Frequency Handle Piece for Face: Transmits radio-wave energy, generating an electric field for subcutaneous tissue penetration, promoting collagen synthesis, restoring skin elasticity, and preventing wrinkles.

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Benefits of Radiofrequency Skin Tightening


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