Red Light Therapy Bed

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Red Light Therapy Bed

Total LEDs: 14,600 pcs
Weight: 300 kg (Please look at the size and weight and indicate your delivery and installation requirements. As this product is heavy, we need to consider the correct hoist equipment.)
Dimensions: L:2275mm x W:1235mm x H:1125 mm Tunnel height inside 420mm
Power Consumption: 6500W
Built-in cooling capability: Active cooling system
Recommended Treatment Time (Full Body): 5 – 10min Sessions


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5 Different wavelengths : Blue 450nm-495nm | Green 495nm- 570nm | Yellow 570nm-590nm | Red 620nm-750nm |
Infrared(non-visible light) 700-1000mm) 

Comes fitted with Infrared (IR) as well as near infrared (NIR)

Patient weight limit: 350kg

Product features:

1. Multi-wavelengths combination
2. Wavelengths: 450nm, 496nm, 570nm, 620nm and 700nm
3. Pulse 1-15,000Hz
4. External control system
5. Independent wavelengths control, each wavelengths pulse 6. High density LEDs, total 14,600LEDs
7. Built-in multi-media, have fun while in treatment
8. Uniform irradiance, irradiance value up to 129mW/cm2

9. Flatbed not standing system

Choice of operating modes

The therapy bed has two operation modes for a customised treatment: 

1. Continuous Wave Mode (CW)
2. Variable Pulsed Mode (1-15000Hz)

Multiple pulce increments

The system can change pulsed light frequencies range 1 – 15000Hz

Independent control of wavelengths

You can control each wavelength independently for the perfect dosage each time.

Aesthetically Designed

The therapy bed has an aesthetic, upscale design with the power of multiple wavelengths in pulsed or continuous modes for the perfect combination of form and function.

Wireless control tablet

A wireless tablet controls the therapy bed and allows you to control multiple units from one place.

Health care benefits

 – Pain management
 – Muscle recovery
 – Wound healing
 – Arthritis
 – Improve sleep

Skin care benefits

 – Wrinkle removal
 – Acne treatment
 – Slimming
 – Prevent hair loss

Low-level laser therapy beds help reduce pain and inflammation

Additional information

Weight 350 kg
Dimensions 2250 × 1230 × 1080 cm

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