Shape Desktop Unit

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Shape Desktop Unit

Power: 220/110V, 50/60 Hz
Colour: White
Machine size: 64 x 50 x 57cm
Function: Body shape and buttocks lift
RF Frequency:  1 – 4 MHz
Input voltage: AC 110V – 220V
Unit Weight: 43 kg
Handles: 2


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What the Shape Treatment Machine can do for you.

 – Muscle Building
 – Abdomen Firming
 – Buttock Toning
 – Fat Burning
 – Body Shaping
 – Cellulite Removal

Lose Weight Without Surgery

Say goodbye to invasive slimming treatments and say hello to Shape Machine! Our non-invasive technology helps you lose weight with minimal effort and no surgery.

Extremely Targeted Training

Our Electro Muscle Stimulation and RF technologies act synergistic ally to effectively contract and expand autologous muscles, giving you a deep reshaping of the internal structure of your muscle – known as muscle enlargement.

Sculpt A Toned Abdomen

Say goodbye to stubborn fat around your abdomen with Shape Machine’s abdominal slimming feature. You will be able to see results quickly!

Gain Lean Muscle Mass

The Shape Machine uses electrical stimulation to help you improve muscle strength, allowing you to gain lean muscle mass and increase muscle tone effortlessly.

Tighten Up Your Buttock

The Shape Machine also helps you tighten up and tone up your buttock area. It can help you achieve a firmer, rounder and more lifted butt in no time!

Burn Fat Faster

Achieve faster fat-burning results with the Shape Machine’s advanced fat-burning feature. You will see visible results in no time!

Electromagnetic Body Sculpting

Additional information

Weight 43 kg
Dimensions 64 × 50 × 57 cm

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