Portable 6D Laser Lipo Slimming System

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Portable 6D Laser Lipo Slimming System


Laser source: Mitshubishi Diode Laser ML101J27
Laser type: Low intensity Diode laser
Quantity of lamps: 528 pcs
Lamp energy: 100 mW – 350 mW (Pulse)
Laser working modes: Continuous and Pulse
Laser pads: 12 pcs (8 Large pads and 4 small pads)
Cooling system: Air Cooled
Voltage: 110V/220V, 50Hz – 60Hz
Safety: Onboard diagnostic
Classification: Electrical Class II, Type B Applied Part
Environmental requirement: 10ºC to 40ºC Non-condensing humidities below 75% RH
Package size: 49 x 66 x 59cm
Gross weight: 30 kg


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The main role of the low-energy laser bio-stimulation (Biostimulator), is, through the give appropriate energy to stimulate the biological cells and induce or strengthen several physiological responses, including promoting local blood circulation, regulating cell function, enhancing immune function, promoting cell metabolism and proliferation.

Wavelength of 650nm-660nm red laser just in human eye color of the visible spectrum, so we can see the red light 650nm -660nm can penetrate the organization up to 8-10mm, the effective activation and repair cells, stimulate the synthesis of cell metabolism, for the superficial cells biochemical stimulation and hyperemia. Irradiation meridian points to stimulate the meridian points related organizations, the skin tissue will not cause harm to exempt patients fear of needles, and also have the function to stimulate the meridians in a healthy way.


Fat reduction, increase cell-energy, Mitochondrien and ATP production, to supply body energy and promote metabolism.


Stimulate the lymph drainage and reduce the cellulite.


For all bone-illnesses (Arthrosis, arthritis, carpal tunnel), it stimulates reparative cells and microcirculation.


The laser in the 830nm band penetrates deeper into adipose tissue, it accelerates the metabolism of cellulite, promotes rapid aging of cellulite, and excretes it from the body through human metabolism.


Invisible light stimulate the lymph drainage and reduce the cellulite, more effective, penetrates deeper into adipose tissue.


Same with 660nm, more effective to reduce fat and tighten the skin.

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Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 49 × 66 × 59 cm

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