6-in-1 40K Cavitation RF & Laser Slimming Unit

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6-in-1 40K Cavitation RF & Laser Slimming Unit

Energy Output: 56 x 180 mW
Main power output: 100 VA
Safety: On board diagnostics
Classification: Class 1, Type B applied part
Cooling requirements: Air Cooled
Mode of operation: Continuous


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RF and ultrasonic beauty machines are currently the most popular beauty machines that work on tightening, body-shaping, and anti-aging. It’s an effective replacement for all the facial and body care programs in beauty salons. Moreover, they are convenient and easy to operate. It solves both skin and body management issues for beauty lovers.

This equipment requires no injection, no medication, and no operation, thus having no side effects. It is used externally during the whole process and has an immediate effect. RF machines heat deeper skin layers, stimulate collagen cells to reform in the dermis, and increase blood circulation in the hypodermis, thus achieving skin tightening and anti-aging.


  1. 6-in-1 multifunctional beauty machine that works on both your facial and body care.

  2. Ultrasonic fat burning replaces and transcends liposuction, bringing good news for treating obesity.

  3. Various work heads can be replaced in different parts according to different requirements.

  4. The perfect combination of ultrasound and RF solves the dilemma of losing weight. It helps with weight loss while at the same time maintaining firm skin, increases skin elasticity, metabolism, and ultimately better health.

  5. Adopting the cutting-edge technology of ultrasonic fat burning.

  6. Suitable for all skin types.

  7. Painless, and non-invasive during the process. Skipping any recovery periods without

    affecting any work and life plans.

  8. No consumption, low cost, and quick returns.

  9. Wider treatment range and faster and more visible effects.

  10. Unevenness, bleeding, swelling, and stasis will not appear after treatment.

Handles included:

40K Cavitation Head:

Cavitation causes vibration of the liquid parts inside a fat cell, the vibration erupts the fat cell from the inside out, exposing the fat, and eliminating the fat pocket and membrane.

RF (Radio Frequency) Handle:

Radiofrequency tones, tightens and stimulates collagen in the skin. Lifting and firming of areas such as the buttocks, thighs, breasts, face, and eyebags. This unit has a small, medium, and large handle.

Vacuum Handle:

Lifts areas and is used to soften the appearance of cellulite.

Laser Lipo:

Cold laser lipo ensures to liquify the free fat waste, into a thin oily liquid, making lymph drainage easier after a cavitation session, used on its own, Lipo laser is effective in reducing a fat cell size, as it creates microscopic injuries to a fat pocket, and in turn drains the fat cell.

How to Reduce Fat with 6 in 1 Cavitation Machine

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 42 × 43 × 52 cm

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