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My name is Verna I have been diagnosed with breast cancer stage 4 March 2020, I invested in the oxygen tent, either the

Purpose to begin my own business, little did I know how I will benefit with my diagnoses,

First 9 nine months I was informed by my oncologist I am not suitable for chemo, and was put on a hormone blocker, I however

Start using the oxygen test on a daily basis, which reduced my cancer count from 2560 to a 100, I was then

First to receive chemo, I kept using the tenet during chemo, today my cancer dropped to 209 count, I’m very optimistic that by the next appointment which is 9th June my cancer count will be enrage.

I am 100% convinced that if I did not make use of global wellness oxygen product, I would not have been able to share my journey today.

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