#UltraRevive Business Package

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#UltraRevive Business Package

What this package includes:

  • 10-in-1 HOCATT™ Plus;
  • The choice between the following:
    • MHBOT 1.4 ATA Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber – Seated Type, or
    • MHBOT 1.5 ATA Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber – Lying Type.
  • 5 Stage Water Purifier;
  • 1 x Massage Bed;
  • 10 x Oxygen Re-breathable Hyperbaric Masks;
  • Practical and Theoretical Training;
  • Delivery and Installation (200 km radius);
  • One Year Warranty;
  • Centre Listing on GWE Website;
  • Business Logo Design;
  • Student Support Group Listing;
  • 1 x Roll Up Banner;
  • 5000 Double Sided Flyers;
  • 500 Open Day Flyers;
  • 20 of Each Cosmetics, Day, Night and Ozone Gel;


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Introducing the #UltraRevive Business Package, an all-inclusive solution designed to elevate your wellness center to new heights. Retailing for R520,000.00, this comprehensive package includes everything you need to offer cutting-edge treatments and services to your clients.

At the heart of this package is the state-of-the-art 10-in-1 HOCATT™ Plus system, renowned for its multifunctionality and effectiveness in promoting overall wellness. With a range of therapeutic modalities, including ozone therapy, infrared sauna, and more, the HOCATT™ Plus is a versatile tool for enhancing health and vitality.

In addition to the HOCATT™ Plus, you have the option to choose between two premium Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers: the MHBOT 1.4 ATA Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber (Seated Type) or the MHBOT 1.5 ATA Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber (Lying Type). These chambers provide oxygen therapy at optimal pressure levels, promoting cellular rejuvenation and healing.

To ensure the purity of your treatments, the package also includes a 5 Stage Water Purifier, delivering clean and refreshing water for various applications within your wellness center.

For client comfort and relaxation, a Massage Bed is provided, offering a luxurious experience during bodywork sessions.

To complement your hyperbaric oxygen therapy sessions, the package includes 10 Oxygen Re-breathable Hyperbaric Masks, allowing clients to maximize the benefits of oxygen inhalation.

In addition to the equipment and accessories, the #UltraRevive Business Package offers comprehensive training, both practical and theoretical, ensuring that you and your staff are equipped with the knowledge and skills to deliver exceptional service.

With delivery and installation included within a 200 km radius, setting up your wellness center is seamless and hassle-free. Plus, you can rest assured with a one-year warranty on all equipment.

As part of the package, your center will be listed on the Global Wellness Enterprise website, increasing your visibility and attracting potential clients. Additionally, a custom business logo design will give your brand a professional edge.

To support your ongoing success, you’ll be included in the Student Support Group Listing, connecting you with a network of like-minded professionals for collaboration and mentorship.

Promotional materials are also included, such as a Roll Up Banner, 5000 Double-Sided Flyers, and 500 Open Day Flyers, helping you attract attention and generate excitement about your services.

Finally, to kickstart your product offerings, you’ll receive 20 units each of Cosmetics, Day Cream, Night Cream, and Ozone Gel, allowing you to offer high-quality skincare solutions to your clients.

With the #UltraRevive Business Package, you’ll have everything you need to launch and grow a successful wellness center, providing top-notch treatments and services that promote health, rejuvenation, and vitality.


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