Fat-Freeze Cryo Laser-Lipo


Fat freeze is to remodel the shape of the body. In other words, freeze the fat, lose the rolls! No pain, no diet, and no stress!

Fat Freeze: The next level in Cryo Laser-Lipo. Since Cryolipo Fat Freezing technology entered the South African Aesthetics market, it has been widely hailed as the safer alternative to liposuction.

The particular technology used by Global Wellness Enterprises is a CE approved procedure. It involves cooling fat in pockets to remove resistant fat from the body by natural methods. This means there’s no need for anaesthesia, or cutting or oozing. And no after effects from having liposuction or a surgical procedure!

The goal of Cryolipo is to remodel the shape of the body and fight bulges of resistant fat. The system freezes fat cells into crystals, destroying a large percentage of the fat cells. The body then naturally metabolizes the destroyed cells over 6 to 12 weeks.

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