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The EasyPulse POCs are the perfect
products for patients that demand
quality and reliability.
VPSA technology keeps sieve beds
cleaner for maximum product life.
Proven design and durability that
supports your non-delivery business.
Lowest cost of ownership.
Best in industry warranty including
sieve bed replacements


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Innovative VPSA technology with CMV
Only Precision Medical POCs use Vacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption technology
ensuring each sieve bed is perfectly regenerated every cycle. This results in clean
sieve beds that produce high oxygen purity for a long period of time.
With controlled minute volume (CMV), your oxygen patients receive therapeutic
oxygen in the first third of the inspiratory phase for maximum efficiency, regardless of
breath rate.
Easy to use
An easy to use push button operation allows patients to press one button to start
their POC on the prescribed flow setting. Simple design reduces phone calls
and troubleshooting.
Proven battery life
The internal and external batteries combine to provide up to 11 hours* of battery
life. This duration allows patients to be mobile with the confidence that their oxygen
needs will be met, at home as well as when traveling. CMV technology insures battery
duration stays consistent on all flow settings.
Recognized design with longest product life
EasyPulse POCs’ product design is recognized by providers not only in the USA, but
around the world for being the most dependable POC in their fleet. With the lowest
return rate of any POC, trust the company that has been a leader in hospital respiratory
care since 1982


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