7 Stage Air Purifier


  1. Aluminum Pre Filter: Removes large granule dust, different kinds of floating compounds, pollen, and all kinds of other Pollutants. It is Reusable and Washable.
  2. Cold Catalyst Filter: Plays a catalyst effect in the living environment without the help of any external assistance. There is no need to use something extra like a UV light, sunlight, high temperature or pressure. The Cold Catalyst is used to deal with Formaldehyde, Ammonia, Benezene, TVOC, Hydrogen Sulfide, and any other gases that can be released by Plywood, Furniture, Wallpapers, Carpets, Bedspreads, and Curtains.
  3. Formaldehyde Removal Filter: Made from top Quality materials to quickly absorb and decompose formaldehyde. This filter has been tested by the prestigious Shanghai Academy of Public Measurement (APM). its removal rate of Formaldehyde is above 90% when tested in a 30m test chamber for 1 hour.
  4. Antibacterial Filter: The 5 Microns Filter with Antimicrobial Agents is made to effectively and efficiently kill bacteria within the Air.
  5. High Efficiency HEPA Filter: This filter has a precision of  0.01 Micron which means it is able to filtrate 99% of Dust, Bacteria, Fungi, Allergens, Viruses and any other small particles that is not able to penetrate the HEPA filter.
  6. UV Sterilize LightAll kinds of Bacteria are killed by the 365nm UV Light. This ingenious UV Germicidal Lamp purifies the air while also removing any odors which is caused by smoke and mold.
  7. Anion Release: This part of this incredible purifier releases large amounts of Anions which causes a reaction where Oxygen becomes Negatively-Charged. What does this mean? it means that the Positively-Charged Particles which includes Dust, Bacteria, Viruses and Smoke to become denser and sink to the ground. The smaller the particle Size, The Higher the Capture Rate.