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Portable Fat Massager

It’s modern figure with clean lines and the combination of traditional and contemporary
design boundaries have created a product of aesthetic excellence.
  • Help to burning extra fat, use it on neck, back, belly and waist, it’s unique oscillating feature penetrates deeply into the inner layers of skin for burning fat and lose weight, show your perfect body!
  • Three different massage heads for all kinds of options, Circle-dots head for pressure release and gentle massage, Half-sphere head for specific point massage and relieve pain, Columnar massage head can match with essential oil.
  • This massager can be used on whole body, release pains, muscle tense, body fatigue and promote blood circulation perfect health care massager.
  • Made of high quality material for safety and long lasting use, can use anywhere you want.

Portable Fat Massager Features:

1. Vibration: Cells contracting and dilating by high speed vibration, this motion increase the rate of cell metabolism up to 80-200%. During this session, it can reduce fat composition, enhance the sensitivity and motion of the Gastrointestinal, eliminate toxins, promote personal wellness and slimming.

2. Softens Fat: The high-speed vibration produces heat energy – rising the temperature by 2 – 5°C in the deep tissue, accelerating fat transformation to other energy, burning fat and decomposing triglycerides. This treatment can be used with fat-burn cream which will assist in accelerating fat transformation.

3. Eliminate Edema: Cells in the human body vibrate with the massage head movement – This motion promotes blood flow, lymph and tissue fluid circulation, maximises oxygen supplement, accelerates sub-stance exchange and excludes toxins and waste generation by cell metabolism.

4. Improve Scarring: The constant vibration activates sensitivity of the nerve endings, producing neurotransmitters – an important aid in biosynthesis. These biochemicals reactions promote collagen composition, repair injured cells, enhance the flexibility of muscle and sagging tissue, supply nutrients to the skin, improve scarring, lift and firm skin.

5. Health Care:

– Regulate endocrine system and central nervous system.

– Balance disordered energy metabolism.

– Improve sleep, relieve pressure, helps with Head- and backaches, minimises depression and anxiety.

– Enhances blood-, lymph- and micro-circulation. Accelerates biochemical reaction between nutrients in the blood and tissues, excluding metabolic waste and toxins.

– Regulate gastrointestinal motility and strengthen the immune system.

– Keep you in the state of well-being.

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