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Hair Mist Steamer with Chromotherapy and laser

The machine is the latest development in professional beauty equipment and breaks through the traditional model. The machine adopts several patented technologies, including ultrasonic mist, chromotherapy, laser lighting, making it more stylish, intelligent and humanistic.

Special Features

– Through modern from with clean lines, the combination of traditional and contemporary design boundaries has been blurred to develop a product of aesthetic excellence.

– The soft extension mist arm of the machine is able to swivel from side to side, allowing users to positioning easily.

– The mist emitting head provides flexibility in function regardless of whether or not mist treatment, chromo therapy or laser function in in use.

– The water bottle is removable, making the usage and cleaning process quick, convenient and hygienic.

– Fully automated functions makes the use of the machine easy and straightforward.

– As a multipurpose machine, it includes cold mist emitting, hot mist emitting, chromo therapy and laser functions, which can be used alone or together. 1.3

Explanation of Processes

Ultrasonic Mist

Ultrasonic mist technology is harnessed in this machine to create a large amount of negative ions and micro mist particles. The size of mist particles range from 1 to 10 um and are smaller than regular water vapors generated by current steam technology. The small mist particles are able to penetrate easily into the skin pores, past epidermis layer and deep into the skin. With large amount of negative ions and moisture absorbed, the skin feels fresh and moisturized. At the same time, skin care products with mineral and vitamins will penetrate deep into the skin; giving excellent absorption results.


Chromo therapy involves the utilization of colors to create balance in the body system; acting as a catalyst for the natural healing of illness. Different colors have different vibration speeds, wave speeds, lengths and pace. Colors have an intrinsic effect on our psychological, emotional and physical conditions; boosting the body vital energy.

Laser Light

Laser comb is the latest beauty equipment for treating hair and scalp. The wavelength of laser ranges from 600 to 700 nm. Laser light therapy devices have been medically proven to effectively help fight hair loss in both men and women. Photobiomodulation produces changes in oxidation status of the mitochondria which lead to dramatic increases in ATP synthesis. It has been shown affect cellular activity in the following ways: stimulate cell growth, increase cell metabolism, improve cell regeneration. It helps nutrition’s to be absorbed by scalp and are effective in promoting hair regeneration.

Laser can speed up the blood circulation and be easily absorbed by scalp causing the temperature rising on the scalp. It can also accelerate nutrients arriving hair follicle and enhance hair growth effectively.

Laser can penetrate deeply in scalp, activating immunological cells and killing mites and fungus deep in the hair and scalp. It serves the purpose of reducing and keep scalp clean and healthy.

Blue chromotherapy

Blue Chromo therapy involves the emission of cold light. It has very pure and strong penetrating qualities. It also has disinfecting, anti inflammatory and astringent qualities. Blue light also stops the bleeding that is caused during the extraction of acne. The light regulates the production of oil by the sebaceous glands, improving oily skin conditions. The blue light simultaneously targets the acne area and kill the acne bacteria. This result has proved to be even better than other germ eradication methods. Blue light also soothes, relaxes and reduces stress.

Red chromotherapy

Red chromotherapy emits warm light. It is of a special wavelength that can penetrate pass through the skin’s epidermis, going deeper into the dermis. A stimulation effect results, boosting skin regeneration and repair. Simultaneously, collagen production increases, there is a higher activity of skin cells, and blood circulation and cell metabolism rates improve. It also help slow hair loss.

– Used red chromo therapy while using hot mist ( Be sure to keep the skin at least 15 cm away from the mist outlet)

– Use blue chromo therapy while using cold mist.

– Red/blue/laser light can be used individually when mist treatment is not in operation.

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