Change The Way You Look At Ozone with the Luxury Ozone Capsule

When it comes to Ozone Technology, we in the wellness industry have a saying: Built for Wellness. Backed by Science. This is more than a bold claim. It’s a statement of fact.

The Luxury Ozone Capsule was developed with a single purpose in mind – strategic wellness and vitality. It provides some of the top alternative health and beauty modalities in the world!

The Ultimate Wellness System that Delivers Results That Matter.

Delivers the world’s most effective alternative health and beauty modalities all in one system.

With its multi-technology design, the ozone capsule provides a holistic approach to wellness.  The ozone capsule takes ozone sauna capsule technology to a whole new level.

The Three Most Important Things You Need To Know:
  • Each 30-minute session , clients experience multiple wellness technologies simultaneously, providing advanced detox, oxygenation, athletic improvement, beauty and anti-aging benefits, and overall wellness and vitality.
  • The only device of its kind, multi-technology helps your clients see results faster, and it allows you, the wellness professional to make more money in a shorter period of time. It’s exactly what your clients have been looking for – wellness simplified.
  • Stand out from the competition by being among the first to bring something new into your practice and community that will allow you to expand your client base by providing an integrated, yet easy to use, wellness system that any staff member can operate after installation and training.
Transdermal Ozone

When Ozone is introduced into the blood, it reacts with oxidizable substrates, killing viruses, bacteria and fungi, enhances blood circulation, and stimulates the Oxygen metabolism of the body.


Hyperthermia – mimics a fever state resulting in an effective natural process of detoxifying and stimulating healing processes, with all the same healing effects as the natural fever.

Steam Therapy

Enjoy the unique benefits of Steam Therapy for the ultimate detox and soothing session.

4 Seat Adjustment settings

Easily adjust the seat with 5 seat settings, to accommodate all length requirements

Far Infrared

Far Infrared is a low energy Technology where waves of light penetrate the human body, transforming into heat energy to gently elevate temperature and activate major bodily
functions. Benefits include: reduced muscle & joint pain, lower hypertension, sooth digestive issues, & much more.

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