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Veterinary Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

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In the animal hyperbaric chamber, pets lie on a soft blanket and rest or sleep while the oxygen goes to work on wounds, swelling, burns and other injuries or illnesses. The pets are comfortable and relaxed during dog/cat Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy- an important element to faster recovery.

The total veterinary HBOT treatment time is from 1 to 2 hours, and is usually repeated twice a day. Treatments continue until the doctors see a remarkable improvement. When you pet is successfully starting to use the affected limb, or is gaining strength and function, the animal Hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatments are discontinued.

Characteristics of the veterinary hyperbaric oxygen chamber.
  • 4 ATA working pressure, 60, 70 and 80 cm in diameter for size options.
  • Transparent acrylic chamber for easy observation.
  • Multiple safety features to ensure safety.
  • Control system combines of air compressor, oxygen concentrator and cooling unit.
  • Simple operation-no professional training required. Please note we recommend veterinarian care to monitor the animal’s response and  improvement.
Animal Hyperbaric Chamber Unit
Safety equipment to keep your pet happy and healthy.
  1. A fully transparent acrylic Hyperbaric chamber for suitable for all animals. Providing oxygen supply  treatment procedures, and a very safe and comfortable therapeutic environment for your beloved pet.
  2. Complete monitoring equipment: temperature, pressure, oxygen concentration, ensuring your pet is calm and happy during recovery.
  3. Safety and constant pressure equipment: mechanical and electronic pressure gauges, four groups of automatic constant pressure valves.
  4.  This Animal Hyperbaric Oxygen Series: The chamber is 1.4 ATA which increases the oxygen concentration between 55% and  75%, to produce dissolved oxygen and speed up recovery.

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