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There are promising reports from a number of Italian hospitals and apparently from a Dr. Shi Kemei in China who has been treating Covid19 patients with ozone therapy.

So, it’s possible that soon there will be confirmed cases of the successful treatment of Coronavirus patients with the help of ozone therapy.

Why would home ozone treatments help with the Coronavirus infection?

There are numerous reports from people about their success with knocking out the common flu with simple at-home ozone approaches.

Example: Jeannie (a massage therapist) told her story of how ozone sauna sessions took care of a bad case of the flu within 36 hours.

Since then the doctor has been tested for Coronavirus and the result turned out to be negative. He nevertheless is convinced that he was sick with the Coronavirus and that the test turned out to be negative because of his intensive use of ozone treatments.

Dr. Robins’ patient

The following message which was sent to Dr. Robins and was reposted by Dr. Rowen:

It appears that this patient was using DIV, direct intravenous ozone injection, an ozone treatment used by many people at home all over the world.

Dr. Rowen reports how he has seen ozone therapy “knock out the flu on the treatment chair repeatedly”.

Here a patient of his and my former dentist says that the way an ozone treatment turned around incoming influenza was one of the most astounding things in his life. He went from planning on shutting down his practice for several days to going right back to work after the ozone.

Given that the Coronavirus may not be much more dangerous than common influenza, the chances are good that ozone treatments would be equally effective with Covid19 infections as they are with the flu.

Which could be the best home ozone treatments for a Coronavirus infection?

Provided that ozone therapy proved to be effective with Coronavirus infections, which would be the best approach?

Based on some of the above reports, our experience with treating flu infections with ozone, the following are in our opinion the best home ozone treatments for a possible Coronavirus infection:

Ozone sauna

Ozone saunas are in my opinion a powerful systemic treatment, able to treat a wide range of conditions. An ozone sauna is a 30-minute treatment during which the largest organ of your body, the skin, is exposed non-stop to ozone gas.

Ozone bagging

The ozone bagging is a lesser version of the ozone sauna. There is no steam or infrared heat involved. The only heat source is your own body. You can put an electric blanket underneath to increase that, but it’s not necessary.

Just like with the ozone sauna, this is a transdermal ozone treatment that can be an effective systemic treatment. 

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