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Signs and symptoms that your kidney is depleted include a sore or weak low back, knees, or ankles; bone or tooth problems; dark circles under your eyes; hearing problems; and premature graying or thinning of your hair. Thyroid problems or extreme reactions to the climate – feeling really cold or having lost of hot flashes – are also indications that your kidney is out of balance. Edema, kidney stones, and getting up several times each night to urinate suggest a problem with the water metabolism function of the kidney and urinary bladder. Also, issues with fertility, libido, or the menstrual cycle generally are kidney problems.


Can Ozone Therapy Cure Damaged Kidneys? (17 February 2016)

Strengthen Your Kidneys (Dr. Sterling Desmond, Dr. TCM, R.Ac., Fellow Member AAOT)

Ozone not only assists with the elimination of toxins but also helps to regulate and enhance immune functions.

Many kidney disease patients suffer from renal ischemia and renal hypoxia.  Ozone therapy relieves the lack of oxygen and blood in the kidneys.

With ozone therapy, there are no surgical procedures involved and patients are not at risk for side-effects which surgery and drugs can bring on.

Ozone Therapy also helps patients who are on dialysis. Typically, patients will experience a boost of energy after their ozone treatment. They report alleviation of chronic pain, better sleep quality as well a general feeling of wellbeing. As mentioned earlier, ozone increases the oxygen levels in the bloodstream, which helps to detoxify the body, giving the liver, colon, skin and kidneys less of a work load to keep the body flushed of toxic substances.

Unfortunately, there is no cure yet for kidney failure although both ozone treatment along with osmotherapy and other allopathic medications can have great success in stimulating the repair of kidney tissues and cells and helping to restore renal function to some extent.

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