Within a relatively short span of time, wellness as a holistic concept has become more broadly understood and adopted all around the world. And there is no sign that this movement is slowing down.

Focusing on the “we” of wellness can be a winning value proposition for customers, employees, investors, and other stakeholders.

Our individual health and wellbeing are inextricably linked to the wellbeing of other people, our communities, and the planet. We cannot be truly well if we confine our existence to a personal wellness bubble. For wellness economy businesses, this means more than philanthropy or corporate social responsibility. In the marketplace, customers increasingly make decisions based on emotions and their value systems:

A company whose true compass is wellbeing for all, delivers a much more powerful emotional story that will appeal to this growing segment of consumers.

At the same time, widespread disengagement has left a vast majority of the global workforce feeling disaffected, unmotivated, and unhappy at work – threatening business competitiveness and success.

Research has shown that our discretionary efforts are tied to our intrinsic motivations, which, in turn, are driven by a sense of purpose, autonomy, personal growth, and teamwork. This is reinforced by findings from an expanding field of happiness research: We are much more likely to feel happy and fulfilled when we give, help others, contribute to something larger than ourselves, and feel that the world is fair.

Companies whose mission is to bring wellness to the people who need it the most – rather than targeting the privileged few – will offer a more compelling case for their teams to infuse their daily work with meaning and purpose. Ultimately, it is the creativity, passion, energy, and commitment of motivated people that will deliver for customers, business owners, and investors.

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