Global Move for Health Day – 10 May 2019

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Our aim is to help you find enjoyment in movement, and to equip you with the Technology to improve your health by keeping yourself physically active.

It is safe to say that we are all aware that exercise is healthy. Still, for many, the word “exercise” is weighed down with feelings of stress and obligation. When did the simple act of moving your body become such a drag? Moving should never be burdensome as it is one of your body’s most basic functions!

Looking for some renewed motivation to move your body as the days get shorter and the weather colder? The following are reasons—other than weight loss—to move your body. By focusing on non-weight related reasons to move, you can help yourself foster feelings of joy around movement, rather than dread.


PEMF stands for Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field therapy; the process involves directing pulsed energy waves at targeted areas of the you body. These waves painlessly and quickly pass through the cells in the region, increasing the ‘spin’ of the cell’s electrons. This spinning sends a surge of power through the cells which helps stimulate and promote healing, like a battery charging. Notably, PEMF is said to boost collagen synthesis and skin health.

In fact, PEMF Technology helps the whole body restore health naturally – The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, has a useful resource detailing research into the benefits of PEMF, which includes studies into osteoarthritis of the knee, postoperative pain, oedema, fractures, and even chronic stress.

In addition to physical benefits and pain relief, this form of Technology is renowned for aiding mental clarity and relaxation – so, it’s the perfect Technology for busy clients at a spa. (PEMF has also been supported, with specific methodology, by NASA, and the UK’s NHS. NASA’s studies said to have found that PEMFs boosted many cellular functions – including improved tissue healing, accelerated cell growth, greater cell longevity, up-regulation of genes related to collagen production, and cell restoration and growth.

Ozone Technology

PEMF can be administered in a therapeutic setting, the latest technology sees the HOCATT™ Technology incorporating PEMF Technology too. In addition to an array of settings for beauty treatments, athletic and recuperative sessions, tissue repair and overall wellness, including transdermal ozone, far-infrared and ultrasonic cavitation, the latest HOCATT™ Platinum, the leading Technology, includes high-intensity PEMF.

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