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Oxygen Concentrator 1L

Oxygen Concentrator 1L

Medical grade oxygen, providing you with extra functionality and boosting effectiveness.

Mini-Series products adopt pressure swing adsorption principle, which can separate oxygen, nitrogen and other gas from the air, at a constant temperature, as soon as power is connected, the oxygen that meets medical use standards can be separated from air constantly. Oxygen is generated by purely physical methods. The generator can supply 1-2 patients simultaneously, with steady oxygen flowing out, safe and reliable, low cost, adjustable flow. The key parts of the generator adopt anti-tiring and anti-aging design, and the planned life of the whole generator reaches up to 20,000 hours. There is no influence on indoor oxygen percent during the generator operating.


AC/DC powered, Ideal for use in car or home.

One liter to Five liters adjusts by simple switch press. Continue Oxygen Flow.

Total working hours display

Timing control function

Portable and modern design

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